Chiropractor: We can work together with medicine

KAIN Walker says university is the perfect place to learn chiropractic practice.

The owner of North Rockhampton Chiropractic said while there were some "rogue" chiropractors treating conditions or handing out advice in areas outside their expertise, they were a minority.

Speaking on a recent letter to the editor from a former CQUniversity student, which identified the dangers of chiropractors treating babies with colic, Mr Walker said the industry was working on reining those people in.

"Like all professions, there are some that are better than others," he said.

"There are countless international studies that do prove the effects of chiropractic in relation to back pain, headaches and migraines - that is our main purpose.

"If medicine wants chiropractic to have more research then the perfect place for it is a university, with professional constraints, where it can be based on research and education.

"I always say to the medical profession, we would love for them to work more with us.

"People do want to find alternatives that have less side-effects."