The Citroen C4 Cactus will be in Australia next year.
The Citroen C4 Cactus will be in Australia next year.

Citroen C4 Cactus to arrive in Australia during 2016

IF CITROEN doesn't have at least one bonkers car in its current range, there is something wrong with the motoring world.

Thankfully for us, the quirky French brand has confirmed its curious C4 Cactus small SUV is coming to Australia in early 2016.

In Australia's saturated crossover market the Cactus will certainly bring a welcome point of difference, not least thanks to its innovative Airbump technology seen in the bumpers and along its doors.

Akin to sticking large bubble wrap on your car, these air capsules under a flexible Thermo Plastic Urethane skin are there to absorb small bumps and resist scratches for the go-getting lifestyle set on their SUV adventures.

Adding to the funkiness, Citroen speaks of its Magic Wash system where windscreen-washer jets are fitted in the tips of the wipers to provide a bead of liquid rather than a spray, apparently leading to no loss of visibility when washing.

Finally, the Cactus comes with a roof-mounted airbag, cleaning up the dash design and allowing an 8.5-litre stowage box in the dash.

The Cactus has secured numerous awards in countries it is currently sold, particularly in the design stakes.

"We are already holding a number of pre-orders for the vehicles well ahead of its local introduction," said general manager for Citroen Australia, Joe Startari, but no Australian price has been revealed.