YOUTH VOICE: Alana Murray is eager to be a fresh face in Livingstone Shire Council in the upcoming by-election in March.
YOUTH VOICE: Alana Murray is eager to be a fresh face in Livingstone Shire Council in the upcoming by-election in March. Sharyn O'Neill ROK111214sprop1

Classroom to council: CQ woman hopes to be LSC's fresh face

ALANA Murray's passion for politics burns brighter than most young people at 21-years-old.

So the Yeppoon woman is determined to be the voice of her generation by running in the Livingstone Shire Council by-election next month.

The political seed was planted by deputy mayor, Nigel Hutton, who saw something special and vibrant in the CQUniversity law student.

"As a young person, he thought I was really passionate and would be perfect to run for council," Ms Murray said.

The former Heights College graduate already dabbled in the world of politics in her high school days, representing Keppel in the Queensland Youth Parliament.


Heights College student Alana Murray is off to Canberra shortly to a youth Constitutional Convention to be held at the Old Parliament House.   Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin
Alana Murray in 2014 when she was elected to represent Keppel in the Queensland Youth Parliament. Chris Ison ROK140214cconstit2

Ms Murray's future in the political realm stemmed from this experience in 2014 saying she admired the mentors she met.

Four years later and Ms Murray wants to fill the gap in youth representation on the council table.

"Young people disengage from politics and if there was a young face to speak for them I think things would change," she said.

Ms Murray admits she enjoys burying her head in a newspaper and keeping up with local news, something a lot of her friends aren't as interested in.

"There will come a time when all of our leaders step down and the plate will be passed on to us," she said.

"The decisions being made for us in parliament will effect us in the future.

"I really want to be an example for young people and influence them to become more engaged with the community."

In her law experience at local courthouses, Ms Murray said it was heartbreaking to see young people around her age in the justice system.

Ms Murray said although she didn't have the same "life experience" as other older councillors around the table, she wanted people to be open minded.

"It's ironic how some people may shame young people for not getting involved but those same people will doubt your abilities," she said.

"We all want to change the world, but we don't know where to start. This is it for me."

Ms Murray said she has gained overwhelming support form her friends and family and was in the planning stages of her campaign.

"I've been given lots of really good feedback and feel so blessed," she said.

"Ultimately, I think I would do a great job and can't wait to start this journey."

Earlier this week, The Morning Bulletin revealed the candidates who have confirmed they will run in the by-election are Lou Shipway, Pat Eastwood, Heath Henwood and Paul Mitchell.

Voting for Livingstone Shire Council by-election will be on March 17.