Clive Palmer jumps into bed with Greens after Bob Katter

LET'S hope Clive Palmer has a big bed.

Just days after Bob Katter's party announced he would be swapping preferences with the Palmer United Party, news has emerged the Greens are also jumping into bed with the mining magnate. reports that the Greens risk a backlash from many of their supporters over the controversial preference deal.

Despite calling for a ban on new coal mines, the Greens have quietly announced they will put the Palmer United Party ahead of Labor and the Coalition in a raft of lower house seats.

The Senate balance of power party has also ironed out a Senate preference deal with Mr Palmer - a move designed to help South Australian Greens' Senator Sarah Hanson-Young win her seat.

The preference swap comes just days after Tony Abbott announced plans to put the Greens last on Liberal Party how to vote cards.

But Mr Palmer, who has over 25 years experience in the Australian resources industry and has negotiated multi-billion-dollar coal deals with China, has defended his deal with the Senate balance of power party ahead of the September 7 poll.

"The parties are free to preference anyone. That is part of the democratic system," Mr Palmer said.