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Clive Palmer promises local jobs at new $4B CQ mine

THE Central Queensland Coal Project will provide jobs for regional residents only and is going through final stages of approvals according to mining magnate Clive Palmer.

The project formerly known as the Styx Coal Project will be situated approximately 130 kilometres northwest of Rockhampton and will cover an area of 3028 hectares.

Speaking about the project for the first time, Clive Palmer says the $4 billion project is going through final approvals from the state government.

"We're just going through the final approvals at the moment and it will have a capital expenditure of about $200m," Mr Palmer said.

The Waratah Coal owner believes that his company is leading industry development in the Central Queensland area and says he wants to push things forward.

"Central Queensland needs industry, they need things happening too and certainly we're spearheading that role for this state," he said.

The proposed mine is set to extract up to 10 million tonnes of both high grade thermal coal and semi-soft coking coal in it's expected 20-year lifetime before the current reserve is depleted.

It is expected that the development will require 200 jobs during construction rising up to between 250 and 500 during the operational period.

The proponents have identified the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal as well as options in Gladstone, RG Tanna, and the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal as possible exporters.

The project is currently waiting on the approval of the environmental impact statement which was granted an additional two-year period in May this year.

Clive Palmer believes the project will be significantly beneficial for the region's economy.

"It will get this state moving and it will also mean that money will be going into Central Queensland for 30 years,".