PURR-LEASE HELP: Four Paws Inc acting president Alisa with Richie the adopted cat is calling for help to keep the vital charity operating.
PURR-LEASE HELP: Four Paws Inc acting president Alisa with Richie the adopted cat is calling for help to keep the vital charity operating.

Clocking ticking in desperate bid to find volunteers

FOUR Paws Adoption and Education Inc desperately needs volunteers to lend a hand to prevent the Yeppoon not-for-profit charity being "put down”.

Acting president Alisa Gordon said the group is calling on people to take up positions on the committee to keep the group running.

"We held our AGM in August and found we didn't have sufficient people to take on the volunteer committee roles such as president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and fundraising coordinator,” Ms Gordon said. "We have until September 17 which is the date of our next meeting to find people to fill the roles to enable us to continue to provide this vital service for the Capricorn Coast.

"We work within the Livingstone Shire catchment, but volunteers can come from any region and are not required to be residents of the shire.”

Four Paws was formed after the Livingstone Shire de-amalgamation from Rockhampton in 2014 to educate the community about companion animal care and find homes for pets in the council pound.

The group have found new homes for 214 animals in that time. Ms Gordon said it has taken a lot of work to set up the charity, find foster care volunteers, and develop the procedures to ensure pets are de-sexed and vaccinated.

"The ongoing work of fundraising and the paperwork of running the charity is equally important because of the liability issues that could arise,” she said. "Once the charity accepts a pet from the pound, it is legally responsible for it and what it might do; carrying the required insurance and adhering to a strict protocol keeps everything safe.

"All this protocol is already established and able to keep going if people can be found to continue running the charity and saving pets from the 'green dream' at the end of their pound time which, by law, can be as short as 72 hours.

"There are two other charities, RSPCA and CAA, based in Rockhampton and both are full to the brim with their own pets who need to be re-homed, so our own Coast based charity is important for this region.

"Unfortunately, after the administrative committee vacated its positions in August, no one could be found among those present to renominate, mostly due to other personal commitments and health problems.

"We have only two courses of action open; shut down the charity and leave the fostered and impounded pets to their fate or decide to make one last attempt to find people able and willing to take on the committee positions by the time of the next meeting in September.”

The group was originally formed to re-home both cats and dogs but due to a reduction in volunteers on both the committee and carers, they currently work only with cats.

Ms Gordon said a new committee could easily re-establish itself to cater to cats and dogs with carers in place to provide temporary accommodation while new homes can be sought.

"The committee meets once each month and if we can encourage more people to come along and help us it will lighten the load for everyone.”

If you can assist as a committee member, carer or general volunteer please contact Alisa on 0478032910 or email fourpawsaae@gmail.com

Donation boxes are located at Gypsy Lane and Baked on 44 in Yeppoon.