Southside Football Club chairperson Kevin Black and the first grade team captain Alden Gregory. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin
Southside Football Club chairperson Kevin Black and the first grade team captain Alden Gregory. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin Allan Reinikka

Rocky club cops home-final penalty for foul mouthed fan

EVERYONE expects a vocal crowd at football games, especially during tense matches.

But for a supporter to allegedly pour a torrent of abuse on a female referee as she walked from the field to the change rooms is taking 'vocal' too far.

This scene played out at Rockhampton's Jardine Park last Saturday after the close match between Frenchville and Southside United, according to eye witnesses.

A Southside fan lost his cool after his team lost the match in a penalty shootout when a win would have guaranteed them a spot in the final.

The Southside Football Club didn't defend the actions of the man, who they said was a member of the club in a lower division, however they are protesting Football CQ's reaction to the incident.

This weekend's preliminary final against Gladstone team Clinton was supposed to be hosted by Southside United at Jardine Park.

They earned the home ground advantage after securing the minor premiership in the last round.

However, a two-sentence email sent to Southside from Football CQ on Tuesday afternoon informed them the game would be moved to Yeppoon's Apex Park.

Head coach Tony Zanda said they still hadn't received an explanation as to why the game was being moved, but they believed last week's incident must be behind the decision.

"A phone call would have been a minimum with an explanation as to why, except we get a two line email and we're left wondering what's going on," he said.

Southside chairman Kevin Black said the decision could be a financial disaster for the club, as they had already pre-ordered $4000 worth of food and drinks for the event and will miss out on gate takings.

"He (the supporter) was a member of the club, a lower division player, but he wasn't in club uniform and had nothing do with the team or any of the players," he said.

"If it was one of the players out of the team, fair enough … but it wasn't, the team had absolutely nothing to do with it.

"It's just a shame because the guys worked hard all year to get themselves into the top two to get into this position."

Captain Alden Gregory asked why Football CQ was punishing the entire club over the actions of one supporter "who had a moment of craziness".

"Do what you want to do to that guy; take it out on him," he said.

"It really feels like they're punishing the players for this, and it's really unfair.

"I hope they reconsider."

Mr Zanda said the club did not condone that kind of behaviour towards referees.

The Morning Bulletin spoke to Football CQ, who did not wish to make an official comment until they had sought legal advice.

The referee at the centre of the incident also declined to comment, and the head of the referees was unavailable.