Great Barrier Reef tourists to be targeted by protesters.
Great Barrier Reef tourists to be targeted by protesters. Lee Constable

Coal mine protesters target tourists

ANTI-COAL protesters will target tourists bound for the Great Barrier Reef this morning as part of 'World Ocean Day 2018'.

The action, organised by Stop Adani, will take place at the busy Marlin Marina in Trinity Inlet, Cairns with seven women in 2.5m high angel costumes to form a procession and target tourists heading out to the Great Barrier Reef to dive and snorkel.

The Stop Adani Alliance has campaigned for over a year to prevent the proposed Carmichael coal mine from opening up a new coal field in the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland.

"We simply cannot have both coral and coal," Stop Adani spokesperson Zelda Grimshaw claimed.

"Too much carbon in the atmosphere has increased water temperatures and caused ocean acidification to rise by 30 per cent. Coral reefs, marine mammals, fish species, even plankton are suffering serious decline. As the ocean warms and becomes more acidic, not only do we lose our coral reefs, we lose the oxygen that the ocean produces.

"The Climate Angels are a symbol of both mourning and of hope."