A former MP has accused the LNP of taking a “gutless, silent approach” in a series of scathing comments on voluntary assisted dying.
A former MP has accused the LNP of taking a “gutless, silent approach” in a series of scathing comments on voluntary assisted dying.

MPs accused of ‘gutless, silent approach’ to euthanasia

FORMER Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey has accused the LNP of taking a "gutless, silent approach" to euthanasia.

The long-serving Gold Coast MP also took aim at her replacement, Laura Gerber, claiming she is "hiding behind excuses" and has a "lack of interest" in the issue.

Ms Stuckey, who spectacularly quit the party in 2020 after claiming bullying and mental health struggles, penned the comments in a pro-voluntary assisted dying (VAD) newsletter.

"Because the LNP, and I imagine the ALP, are expected to follow party lines their decisions are often inconsistent with the majority view held by their electorate," she wrote in My Life My Choice's April newsletter.

"The LNP shy away from 'difficult' social decisions and attempt to kick them into the long grass whenever possible so as not to anger the religious right wing.

"They will adopt tactics to hide behind and vote NO when the Bill reaches Parliament for debate."

She claimed 81 per cent of Currumbin residents surveyed in 2018 believed legislation should be brought into Parliament "sooner rather than later".

"I cannot recall any issue in my 16 years of politics, except for widening the M1, that garnered so much support.

"The current Currumbin MP won't say whether she supports the concept of VAD, hiding behind the excuse she needs to see the legislation and consult her electorate.

"She showed a lack of interest in the topic by omitting it from her 2020 (community survey) which asked about 40 questions but not a mention of VAD.

Laura Gerber. Picture: Jerad Williams
Laura Gerber. Picture: Jerad Williams

"The majority of LNP MPs have adopted a gutless, silent approach as have some Labor MPs."

She claimed all parties should be granted a conscience vote on the issue.

Ms Gerber told the Bulletin: "The former member for Currumbin is entitled to her opinion but her constant attacks on her former colleagues is getting old.

"Currumbin constituents raise a wide range of issues with me and I'm happy to discuss anything, anywhere at any time."

Ms Stuckey's husband Dr Richard Stuckey ran as an independent Currumbin candidate focused on VAD in the 2020 election, with his preferences helping boost the Labor vote for the area.

Local Richard Stuckey. Picture Glenn Hampson
Local Richard Stuckey. Picture Glenn Hampson

A My Life My Choice survey in October 2020 revealed many of the Gold Coast's MPs were either undecided or did not respond to questions on the issue.

Other Gold Coast MPs have been vocal on voluntary assisted dying, including Gaven Labor MP Meaghan Scanlon.

Ms Scanlon, who lost her father Phil to cancer, spoke out about VAD reform in late 2020 and said the debate was "deeply personal".

"So many Queenslanders have experienced the incredible pain of watching someone they love suffer and endure those last days and weeks," she said.

"When you watch someone you love go through that, it can't help but frame your understanding and empathy for those who die in pain.

"I appreciate that people hold deeply personal opinions on this topic. But this discussion needs to be respectful."

Originally published as Coast MPs accused of 'gutless, silent approach' to euthanasia