The Bridle family from Tara.
The Bridle family from Tara.

Coles signs on abattoir, adds 15 farms to list of suppliers

Coles and Teys Australia have signed a multi-year deal to have cattle bought by the supermarket chain processed at Teys’ Beenleigh abattoir.

The agreement will be announced at Beef Australia in Rockhampton on Wednesday.

Coles, which sources beef from more than 100 Queensland farms, is also beginning to do business with 15 more sunshine state suppliers.

Counted among them are second-generation graziers Rob and Anne Bridle from Tara.

The Bridle family has been breeding and producing cattle since 1961.

Mr Bridle said a regular supply contract with Coles would give him certainty to invest in the future of his business.

“Working with Coles directly gives me the confidence each week and stability in operations by having a consistent cycle of cattle moving through the feedlot, and cash flow to reinvest in the business,” he said.

“I like the hands-on approach with Coles visiting the farm regularly and working together on initiatives like the new eNVD app, which saves us time on traceability paperwork and gives me fast access to information about price and volumes.

“We are so proud of the product we are able to provide for Coles customers.

“When they pick up a packet of Coles meat from the shelves, they are buying beef from a family like ours.”

Coles general manager for meat Charlotte Gilbert said Coles was “extremely proud” of its investments in the Australian meat industry.

“In Queensland specifically, we have more than tripled the number of individual farming families we work with from just 37 in 2018 to over 130 farming families today – that’s over 130 farming families we are supporting by purchasing cattle directly from the farm,” she said.

“Our buyers are regularly visiting our farmers to better understand their business and how we can work together to provide the best quality product for our customers.

“Over the past week we have visited several farmers in Queensland, and we look forward to engaging with other stakeholders across the industry during Beef Week.”

Teys Australia’s chairman and CEO Brad Teys said: “We look forward to supporting Coles’ producer network, and Australian consumers with sustainable and quality beef products under the processing arrangement with Coles at our Beenleigh site.”