Ella Burke with her winning reusable bag design for Coles supermarkets.
Ella Burke with her winning reusable bag design for Coles supermarkets. Matt Harvey

Coles stunt or stuff-up? Whatever it is, bring your own bags

MAYBE it's the constant stream of fake news popping up online or the fact I'm naturally cynical, but the plastic bag debacle at Coles seems like nothing more than a failed publicity stunt.

In some ways, I'd prefer that to be the case because the alternative is laughable.

It's worked though, because here we are all talking about it.

This week, the supermarket giant announced it would cave to those too lazy to bring their own bags or pay a paltry 15 cents, giving out the thicker recycled bags indefinitely.

A day later, after a furious storm of social media backlash, Coles clarified they would indeed place a cut-off on the free bags (August 29, if you're wondering).

They've grabbed headlines across the nation, but it remains to be seen whether the supermarket has managed to claw back any shred of credibility.

Their senseless collection of plastic marketing junk is a bad look for a company claiming to be concerned about the environment.

Whether it's a stunt or genuine stuff-up, there's no doubt in my mind that paid bags are the way to go.

It's really, really not that hard.

If you need any motivation for bringing your own bags, just think about it in sporting terms.

Our great rivals in England have been paying for more durable reusable bags since 2015.

In the first six months of the charge, the number of plastic bags distributed by the seven main supermarkets in the UK dropped from 7billion to 500million.

Let's make it our mission to outdo England and claim environmental glory, as well as the Ashes.