Weekend Mag Challenge: Colour me crazy

COLOURING-in books were not something I found particularly entertaining as a child and to be honest, I wasn't very good at it. So why would I want to take up a coloured pencil and put it to paper as an adult?

Adult colouring-in books are on bestseller lists around the world with its advocates claiming it is not only fun but also calming and great for mental health.

For years I used to read novels for relaxation but now that I spend all day reading news for a living, I find books so much less enjoyable. And if my eyes spent any more time looking at screens for the pleasure of watching a movie or TV, I would probably end up with squinty peepers like Popeye, or at least glasses.

So I stepped into a bookshop and started browsing their colouring section. Barbie was still there alongside some new faces like Elsa from Frozen and some boy named Ben Ten.

"Excuse me," I said flagging down a shop assistant. "Where is the adult section?"

After being led to another kind of adult books first, I eventually found myself in front of a series of titles like The Mindfulness Colouring Book and Colour Yourself Calm. I picked up the latter and sought out some coloured pencils.

With probably more pencils than necessary and a fantastic little sharpener with a container shaped like a wheelie bin, I sat down at the beach and got to work.

At this point that question popped into my mind: "Shouldn't you be doing something more productive?" I squashed the thought and tried to calm myself, as the book title suggested.

The finished product probably isn't going to win me any free meals at my favourite restaurant but I might still give it to mum to stick on her fridge.

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