Commission investigating budget is committed to health

AN Industrial Relations Commission hearing yesterday did not highlight any issues or concerns with how Central Queensland Health bosses were managing Rockhampton Hospital's budget position, Acting Chief Executive Nik Fokas said.

The hearing was held in Brisbane yesterday morning after the Together Union and the Queensland Nurses Union disputed what it claimed was an announcement to staff made by the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service regarding possible cuts as a result of an estimated $20 million debt.


CQHHS focused on efficiency measures for staff and patients

Hospital workers protest against job cuts

Union members attended a rally outside the hospital on Wednesday afternoon wanting answers with concerns support positions were at risk. The health service's Acting Chief Executive Mr Nik Fokas said the commitment to the commission "was that there would be no loss of front-line positions and we would consult with staff and unions in the event of any organisational change, just as we currently are".

"We will continue to keep our staff fully informed by communications from the Chief Executive," Mr Fokas said.

"It's important to highlight it was the financial investment in the delivery of a greatly improved health services that has put pressure on our budget position."

However, Together Union President Vivienne Doogan claimed hospital management agreed in yesterday's hearing to not make any job reductions.

"The employer advised the Commission that there would be no loss of positions at the Rockhampton Hospital and I'm very pleased with that outcome," Ms Doogan said.