Generator Promo; Veronica and Anthony Burke with Vienna 11 and Adelaide 12
Generator Promo; Veronica and Anthony Burke with Vienna 11 and Adelaide 12

COMPETITION: 6 chances to win a generator

CYCLONES and floods are a natural part of living in Northern Australia — but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared.

We know having no power can make life tough; that’s why the The Morning Bulletin has partnered with Honda to give away three brand new EU22i Honda generators.

Stephen Smith from Honda Australia says it was important for families to be disaster ready and have a back-up plan in case of an emergency.

“Having a generator is for your peace of mind,” he said.

“Don’t wait for the cyclone to hit or any other disaster because it is always good to know you will have something that will run straight away and Honda is renowned for that.”

Mr Smith said the Honda generator was the best on the market and would provide eight hours of power when run at full capacity.

“The EU22i generator is the biggest-selling Honda product worldwide,” he said.

“The main benefits are you will still have access to lights and refrigeration and if need be you can still have the aircon so your creature comforts are still there.”

Mr Smith said the generator was compatible with all household products and would not cost a fortune to operate.

“The EU22i has a 2.2kw output, it has the inverter technology so it produces the cleanest power of all generators and is ideal for sensitive products like computers and phones,” he said.

“There is less noise and it is portable to move around and with a 3.6 litre tank, it has greater fuel efficiency compared with traditional models.”

To enter, simply grab a copy of The Morning Bulletin November 11—16. Find the daily code word and enter it online at

That’s six code words — meaning six chances of winning.