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Concerned residents urged to join prison warning list

BEING prepared for prison escapees is just a way of life for Carolyn Price and the hundreds of people who live in Rockhampton's northern suburbs.

But she believes there should be no cause for concern when people do break free of the Capricornia Correctional Centre, with a text message alert system available to all residents.

It comes as Livingstone Shire Councillor Glenda Mather proposed a siren should be re-introduced to warn residents when prisoners were on the loose.

Carolyn said the text message usually contained a time when prisoners had escaped as well as warnings to be alert and look for media updates.

However, she was concerned other residents weren't aware of the text system and didn't realise they could opt-in for the service.

Having lived in the Glenlee and Glendale areas for about 30 years, Carolyn said she was seen between 10 and 12 escapes.

Over the weekend, two men escaped the facility and fled to Brisbane where they were arrested on Sunday afternoon.

For the most part, she said prisoners were just looking to get away and didn't really pose a threat to residents.

Carolyn Price
Carolyn Price Contributed

"You just lock your car that night,” she joked.

"It doesn't bother us, it never has done really.”

Carolyn said when her family first moved to the area, there was a phone system where authorities would ring and alert one resident who would in turn ring five more and so on.

But as people moved on, that system became unreliable so the text message system was introduced.

Carolyn said not enough people were aware of the system and suggested real estate agents could let people moving to the area know how they could sign up.

A spokesperson for Queensland Corrective Services said there were 83 residents on the alert list as at Saturday.

"If local residents are concerned and would like to be placed on the alert list, they are encouraged to contact the Capricornia Correctional Centre directly,” they said.

"Residents will be forwarded correspondence and requested to provide confirmation of their address and phone contact details.

"Once this has been received at the centre, the resident will be placed on the alert list and receive all future alerts.”