Police called about baby left in car in hot weather

POLICE are investigating after concerned onlookers reported a baby had been left in a car at Maryborough's Station Square Shopping Centre in scorching conditions.

The incident happened about 11am on Monday but when police arrived, a woman had arrived back at the car and had left the scene.

The police were provided with the registration number of the vehicle, Maryborough's Sergeant Steve Wheeler said, and they would be following up with the woman.

He said children, and especially infants, should never be left alone in vehicles, especially on a day when temperatures in Maryborough hit a peak of 34 degrees.

Sgt Wheeler said with the windows of the car wound up, the temperature inside the car could easily reach heights of more than 50 degrees.

"It would only take about five minutes for a child to start overheating," he said.

Sgt Wheeler said it was a timely wake-up call for parents, especially with the heat the region had been experiencing.