AFTERMATH: Emergency services in Grantham after the deadly 2011 floods.
AFTERMATH: Emergency services in Grantham after the deadly 2011 floods. Bev Lacey

Police sergeant remembers Grantham flood stories doubt

AN EMAIL from the Lockyer Valley Regional Council CEO has highlighted the governmental hot potato the Grantham quarry embankments became following the region's deadly 2011 flood.

Ian Flint's correspondence with concerned local residents was read out on Wednesday at the inquiry into the flood that killed 12 people.

One of the inquiry's aims is to determine the impact the quarry had on flooding.

A couple contacted Mayor Steve Jones  in December 2014 asking when the quarry's embankments would be moved so the land was returned to its former topography.

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Mr Flint, responding on the mayor's behalf, told the residents council shared their concerns.

"We have been making representations at the highest level regarding these embankments as well as other levees across the Lockyer Valley," Mr Flint's stated in the email.

"Unfortunately, we are no closer to understanding what steps are being taken to resolve the issue."

While giving evidence at the hearing, Mr Flint said council believed the Water Resource Commission or another government agency was responsible for the embankments.

But the Queensland Government said it was local government's responsibility.

Cr Jones told the inquiry he had been in discussions with the government about levee banks and embankments.

Earlier on Wednesday, former Gatton Police Senior Sergeant Bernard Wilce told the inquiry about the local disaster management group's disbelief regarding flood reports on the day of the disaster.

Mr Wilce said LDMG members were very doubtful of locals' assertions a car had been washed off a flooded 16m high bridge and a family was trapped on their roof - concerned their house would wash away in floodwater.

"There was a general feeling of disbelief, like this can't be happening at Grantham," he said.