CQ Blasters owner Damien Geyer says his new East St location will start trade on Tuesday
CQ Blasters owner Damien Geyer says his new East St location will start trade on Tuesday JACK EVANS

Controversial hobby store reopens in main street

IT TAKES resilience to rise above the blow copped by local businessman Damien Geyer last week, a blow that would have been enough to sink many small businesses.

But CQ Blaster has opened new doors in East St after having its lease immediately terminated by centre management at Allenstown Square.

Last Wednesday, after just three days of trade, his newly opened hobby gun store CQ Blasters had its lease terminated effective immediately.

Damien Geyer packs up his Allenstown shop front
Damien Geyer packs up his Allenstown shop front Allan Reinikka


This morning, customers crammed the new shop when Mr Geyer opened the doors at 10am and the doom and gloom appears a thing of the past

Mr Geyer described the renovation overhaul to get shop front ready for operation.

"We spent a lot of time and effort over the last few days to get it to where it is now," he said.

"Give us a bit more time and we're obviously going to get it bigger and better than it is now."

CQ Blaster reopens in East St: CQ Gel Blasters has re opened in East St after being evicted last week

Not only was he chuffed with being able to stick to his self-imposed reopening deadline, he was greeted to a full shop today.

There was a mix of first timers looking to get their hands on their gel blaster, keen seasoned gel blasters looking for upgrades, and inquisitive passers-by entertaining the idea of shooting their friends in the field.

The life-like guns including pistols and automatic rifles displayed in the CQ Blasters shop front proved too much for shoppers at in the Allenstown complex and complaints forced management to terminate the lease.

Mr Geyer told The Morning Bulletin he was "absolutely gutted" last week as he and his family scrambled to pack their shop front within a tight 90 minute deadline imposed by the former landlord on Thursday.

He was quietly confident he would not experience the same fate he did in Allenstown.

"It isn't a shopping centre, there is no centre management, we're a stand alone shop now so hopefully it is not an issue," he said.

Blasters in the new store have yellow tips (signifying they are toys) and were chained to the walls, which was visibly obvious from the street.

cq gel blasters: cq gel blasters closed down.

Mr Geyer originally joined the world of Gel Blasters to get his son off Fortnite, an online multiplayer video game.

"Why not give him the real thing," he said.

"It's a great hobby for kids and adults to be out in nature engaging in healthy competition."

The store is located at 118 East St.