Jorden Joss was told he was
Jorden Joss was told he was "on a slippery slope" in court after pleading guilty to drug possession and other crimes.

Convicted drug dealer caught with drugs, knife at bus stop

A man who was caught carrying a knife and drugs at a Brisbane bus stop faced Gympie Magistrates Court this month on a number of charges.

Jorden Dennis Joss, 29, was caught with meth, cannabis and drug utensils in Jamboree Heights at 11.30pm on November 30 last year.

He was also carrying a stanley knife and obstructed police at the time, the Gympie Court heard on February 8.

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The court heard Joss had a significant history of drug use, which he turned to when he missed family after moving to Australia from New Zealand, his lawyer said.

His lawyer said the knife he was caught carrying had been accidentally left in his bag from his work as a spray painter which he used to cut plastic.

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"You're really on a slippery slope here," Magistrate Chris Callaghan told him.

"In 2017 you were sentenced to prison for drug supply and placed on immediate parole.

"You are six months out of that parole and you're on the gear again."

Mr Callaghan sentenced him to three months and 10 days in prison, suspended for 12 months.

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