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Construction generic. 20 FEB 2018 TREVOR VEALE

Council work site cops a Work, Health and Safety fine

INFORMATION made available in Fitzroy River Water monthly operations report has revealed a WH&S violation late last month.

After an inspection of a FRW work site Work Health & Safety Queensland and found the site to be "non-compliant with legislative requirements for the completion of safe excavation work at a depth of greater than 1.5m deep.”

FRW received a prohibition notice and Council was issued with a fine for this non-compliance as a result.

The report stated this non-compliance with safety management expectations was "very disappointing and reflects negatively upon FRW.”

It is understood an investigation into the matter is now under way.

The report also states that an FRW worker/s possibly "compromised on their safety obligations” due to an "incorrect decision about minimising the impact of their excavation on a customer's asset.”