The piggy back extension project at the Rockhampton Landfill gets a thumbs up from Cr Neil Fisher.
The piggy back extension project at the Rockhampton Landfill gets a thumbs up from Cr Neil Fisher. Allan Reinikka ROK131218alandfil

Councillor enters final round of cancer battle

EVERGREEN Rockhampton councillor Neil Fisher was this week granted leave as he prepares to enter the final round of his cancer battle.

A positive-thinking Cr Fisher, who has been receiving treatment since being diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago, says he applied for the leave to August 26 as a safety net in case his last dose of chemotherapy knocks him around.

"Chemo has different effects on different people and I'm a little unsure if there will be bad side affects or not from this last bit,” he said yesterday.

"I've told the CEO that if I'm up to it, I'll still attend council meetings (during the leave period) and carry on doing my jobs.

"I've been almost blessed because (to date) I've been able to keep going as a councillor through each of the days where I've had the infusions in the oncology ward.

"Like I went to the council meeting on Tuesday and only missed the last (agenda) item because I had to go up to the Mater (Hospital) for my treatment.”

Cr Neil Fisher walks the Frenchville path
Cr Neil Fisher walks the Frenchville path. Jann Houley

In 2017, Cr Fisher underwent emergency surgery to remove a 16kg tumour from his large intestine.

He has maintained a positive outlook throughout the treatment process.

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"I'm actually intending to work all the way through (leave period) because August is always such a busy time, but I've got to be a bit cautious as well.

"In my portfolio at the moment we've got the new 'piggy back' landfill (extension project) that's just come online this week, the work at the airport and the changes with the new terminal upgrade, as well as Fitzroy River Water with the raising of the barrage.

"All of those are fairly important long-term projects for Rockhampton so I want to be up-to-speed with all of that.”

Cr Fisher said the majority of his treatment had been done in Rockhampton which had helped.

"We really do have superb health and support services here, and when you've got your family around, that makes a big difference.”

Cr Fisher said he was "only a phone call away” for any person who felt they needed someone to talk to about their own cancer journey.