Councillor's 'incredible' use of private email a 'concern'

AN IPSWICH councillor's regular use of a private email address has been labelled "incredible" and "concerning" by politicians in parliament on Friday.

Jo-Ann Miller questioned the State Government on which agency has the power investigate an Ipswich councillor's use of non-official email addresses.

During estimate hearings the Bundamba MP tabled the QT's report on Cr Tully's use of the emails and

"My constituents want to know if your department can investigate this incredible use of these email addresses," Ms Miller asked Digital Technology Minister Mick de Brenni.

Mr de Brenni said his department did not have such power.

"Can you provide advice to Ipswich City Council and other councils across Queensland, on the use of these emails for official purposes?" Ms Miller asked.

>>Questions over Tully's use of non-official email

"I believe, even though Paul Tully is getting away with this in Ipswich, other councillors, or councils, could be doing the same thing and they are in desperate need of guidance."

Mr de Brenni offered to provide advice on appropriate record keeping practices and agreed the "practice was of concern".

"… in terms of investigating… that's a matter for the CCC (Crime and Corruption Commission)," Mr de Brenni said.

This week the QT revealed Cr Tully, the state's longest serving councillor, was using an email address and continued to use his account.

The use of private email addresses by public officials has been raised as a "corruption risk" by the CCC and goes against State Government policy.

Paul Tully was contacted for comment.