Rockhampton Courthouse.
Rockhampton Courthouse.

COURT: 35 people facing Rockhampton Magistrates Court today

EACH day any number of people appear in Rockhampton courts on a range of different charges.

Here is the list of 35 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today, Wednesday May 27.

Adidi, Timothy Richard, room 1, 9AM

Adidi, Timothy Richard, room 1, 8.30AM

Carey, Nicholas Blaine, room 1, 2PM

Casado, Maria Florence, room 1, 9AM

Comollatti, Brent Bernard, Mr, room 1, 2PM

Eastell, Allana Kay, room 1, 9AM

Eichhorn, Michael, room 1, 2PM

Field, Kyle James, Mr, room 1, 2PM

Fraser, Rhys Cambridge, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Graham, Beau Anthony, room 1, 2PM

Jewell, Daniel Terry, room 1, 2PM

Johns, Aaron Shane, Mr, room 1, 2PM

Joseph, Dean Gary, Mr, room 1, 2PM

Manfred, Codie William, room 1, 9AM

Martin, Earl James, room 1, 2PM

Mckinley, Michael Hayes, room 1, 2PM

Mcrorie, Leslie John, room 1, 2PM

Mcrorie, Leslie John, room 1, 9AM

Middleton, Shane Thomas, room 1, 2PM

Millar, Michael John, room 1, 9AM

Mooney, Lauren Tenneal, room 1, 2PM

Moore, Adam Lee, Mr, room 1, 2PM

Moss, Timothy James, Mr, room 1, 2PM

Moyle, Kris John, room 1, 2PM

Murray, John Frederick, room 1, 2PM

Oram, Samantha Rose, room 1, 9AM

O’Sullivan, Patrick Augustine, room 1, 9AM

Richardson, Gregory Kenneth John, room 1, 2PM

Row Row, Ann-Maree Monica, room 1, 2PM

Ryall, Kelly Anne, room 1, 2PM

Trathen, Tyson-Lee, room 1, 2PM

Warcon, Demi Leigh, room 1, 2PM

Winzer, Hannah Jane, room 1, 2PM

Woodrow, Kenneth Peter, room 1, 2PM

Wovat, Aaron Jamahl, room 1, 2PM