Rockhampton Court House.
Rockhampton Court House.

COURT: 49 people facing Rockhampton Magistrates Court today

EACH day any number of people appear in Rockhampton courts on a range of different charges.

Here is the list of 49 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today, Tuesday November 19.

Abel, Lynessa Michell, room 1, 8.30AM

Baira, Orielee Maree, Mrs, room 1, 9AM

Barnett, Davina Anne, room 2, 1PM

Beckett, Robert Clive, room 1, 9AM

Brock, Warren Wesley, room 2, 1PM

Brown, Larcome Allan James Keith, room 1, 9AM

Cooper, Kevin James, room 2, 1PM

Dixson, Steven Wayne, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Farrelly, Jodie Aileen, room 2, 1PM

Field, Brennan Timothy, Mr, room 2, 1PM

Fleming, Philip John, room 2, 1PM

Hardy, Dane Maxwell, Mr, room 2, 1PM

Harris, Lesley John, room 1, 9AM

Harris, Lesley John, Mr, room 1, 9AM

James, Christopher Owen, room 2, 1PM

Johnson, Jessie Joy, room 1, 9AM

Jonsen, Shiann Rhiannon, room 1, 9AM

Kampf, Peter John, room 2, 1PM

Kilgour-Crane, Courtney Joy, Miss, room 2, 1PM

Kupke, Shane Michael, Mr, room 1, 8.30AM

Leo, Lynton Lionel, room 1, 9AM

Leo, Lynton Lionel, room 2, 1PM

Leppien, Hayley Anne, Mrs, room 2, 1PM

Mackay, Stephanie Lee, room 1, 9AM

Markham, Rickie Karl, Mr, room 2, 1PM

May, Grant David, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Mccusker, Ronald Peter, Mr, room 2, 1PM

Michell, Kaden James, Mr, room 2, 1PM

Palmer, Derick Joel, room 1, 9AM

Payne, Dylan Lachlan, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Quinn, Elizabeth Kay, Mrs, room 1, 9AM

Rawsthorne, Christopher James, room 1, 9AM

Rossberg, Aaron John, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Sariman, Alvin Nelson, room 1, 9AM

Scholberg, Noel John, room 2, 1PM

Schroeder, Jesse Noel, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Smith, Alex Kenneth, room 1, 9AM

Smith, Anita, room 1, 9AM

Stone, Leah Trisha, room 1, 9AM

Turner, Norton John, room 1, 9AM

Vrybergen, Jasmine Diane, room 2, 1PM

White, Matthew Leslie, Mr, room 1, 8.30AM

Witchard, Kelly, room 2, 1PM

Wolstenholme, Sheree Helen, Miss, room 2, 1PM

Wolstenholme, Sheree Helen, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Wolstfnholme, Sheree Helen, room 1, 9AM

Wood, Kyle Craig, Mr, room 1, 8.30AM

Wright, Bevan John, room 1, 9AM

Wurzbacher, Chantelle Simone, room 1, 9AM