COURT: Soldier deformed victim's face with pool cue

ONE MAN has evaded jail time after smashing a pool cue over another man's face, leaving him with broken jaw, and titanium plates to avoid permanent deformity.

On Monday, Daniel Diacostergou, 38, pleaded guilty in Roma District Court to one count of grievous bodily harm after assaulting a man at the Royal on Ninety-Nine on August 3, 2018.

The court heard Diacostergou had been patronised by the complainant for several hours during the night.

Eventually the complainant put his arm on the defendant's partner (at the time) where she asked him not to touch her. Diacostergou was holding a pool cue which he turned into a weapon holding it like a club and striking the complainant in the face.

The complainant, who was sitting down and defenceless at the time, was left with severe facial injuries.

On August 11, 2018 the defendant went to Roma Police station and told police that he picked up the pool cue in a "protective mode" when protecting his "loved one".

Defence lawyer Frank Martin argued the ex-Greek soldier and father of two showed remorse as opposed to other cases and therefore suggested a lower head- sentence than two-and-a-half years.

The court also heard Diacostergou had no prior Queensland criminal history and minor and irrelevant history in NSW.

Judge Richard Jones said although the defendant was patronised at the time it was a gross overreaction with a weapon.

"The sentence will send an appropriate message for further deterrence," Mr Jones said.

"Your lack of criminal history is a significant factor that will be taken into account. You have shown an administration of justice with your early plea of guilty and voluntarily attending the police station making a frank admission of your interest and expressing remorse."

Diacostergou was convicted and handed a seven month suspended sentence with an operational period of three years.