Chance Oakley caught this big blubberlip at Coorooman Creek.
Chance Oakley caught this big blubberlip at Coorooman Creek.

COVID-19: You can still go fishing for food

TO CLARIFY the rules during the current COVID-19 isolation, I got this from Brittany Lauga's FB post.

"The chief health officer has listed exercise as one of the reasons that Queenslanders can leave the house and fishing is exercise and also a source of food for many in our state. Unfortunately just taking the boat for a spin is not classified as exercise, nor does it involve gathering food so it's not permitted under the rules."

You must follow the social isolation rules and stay safe.

This week's picture is from one of our local charter businesses. They will be doing it a bit tough at present and when they are allowed to start up again, I will give them all a shout in the column.


Saturday morning looks to be dropping right off to under 5 knots and slowly picking up to 11 knots by the arvo. You know it is weekends like this that are made for The Keppels. Four days off, winds around 10 knots, perfect temperatures and just about everything that swims is on the chew at present. Reports from local waters have been consistent with pelagics and reefies. Several of the Emu Park guys have bagged on spanish without going that far. Lures and troll baits continue to perform and jigging large flashas or taipans will get them interested when they are a bit slow. There have been some quality grey mackerel moving into the outer bay and around the islands in recent days. This time of year we should also see some spotted mackerel if the bay clears right up. Coral trout, red emperor, red jew (largemouth nannygai), hussar, redthroat emperor and grassy sweetlip were all taken lately and it looks to be a promising month or two ahead if current form continues. I always say find the bait schools and nothing rings truer for our offshore species. If there isn't any bait schools on show there isn't much chance of getting a quality feed.

Grunter have been a bit hit and miss over the past weeks. However some quality fish should be at The Rama, the Pinnacles and Manifold with the rising moon. This weekend might be a tad early, but still worth a crack if the weather plays the game. Try using big prawns or fresh squid. We use both types of rigs and it doesn't seem to matter much whether you use a paternoster with a snapper lead or a large running ball sinker down to the hook.

Reports from the crab crew are that there are quite a few crabs about. Most of the estuaries and the bottom end of the river were mentioned this week.

Barramundi have been caught almost right along the river lately as the Fitzroy slowly cleans up. Many of the area's estuaries are still firing for barras on lures and live baits.

As the weather starts to cool down they move into the bays and deeper channel areas towards the front.

We have caught some great fish along the beaches in the Fitzroy Delta.

Bream are coming on a little as flathead have slowed down. The rock walls and mangrove edges are the better spots as a rule. They will take small lures or fresh baits and are fools for berley.

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