NOT even COVID-19 restrictions could spoil Toowoomba's signature event The Carnival of Flowers which again proved as popular with locals and visitors alike.

While interstate travellers might have been stopped at the border, it appeared Queenslanders took the opportunity to head to Toowoomba for carnival week.

"It's great that Toowoomba people have ownership of the carnival and they always support it," Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers co-ordinator Kate Scott said.

"I think a lot of locals opened up their homes to visitors and filled their bedrooms.

"We had people from all parts of the state here for carnival.

"A lot of people came from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and up north as well."

COVID-19 restrictions proved a hurdle in places but it certainly didn't dampen the spirit of the carnival.

"We had to get a lot of permits and make some changes," Ms Scott said.

"It's been great to get back to basics, the carnival is really about the flowers and it was good to see the focus was on the parks.

"It was wonderful to see thousands of people doing picnics in the parks and enjoying the fresh air.

"There were hundreds if not thousands of selfies being taken every day."

While challenging, Ms Scott said her team had done a great job at putting this year's carnival together.

"It was a team effort," she said.

"It was different but we got there in the end."

Ms Scott hoped the carnival would be back to a normal format next year but, if not, the show will go on.

"I think the parade is part of Toowoomba's DNA but COVID has let us do a lot of different things too."