There is much debate about whether vaccination against coronavirus should be mandatory in the future.
There is much debate about whether vaccination against coronavirus should be mandatory in the future.

COVID VACCINE: Our deadly serious right to refuse

Grape Expectations by Max Crus

Column No.1393

Vaccine, you're not the only one…

Okay, I admit it. Shameful but I feel it's only right to 'fess up, spill the beans and come clean, despite the paradox...

I'm an anti-vaxxer.

I hate vacuuming.

It's noisy, chews up tonnes of electricity and melts the polar ice caps.

It makes rooms stink like vacuum cleaner bags, which disgustingly are a nightmarish biological mix of dead skin from your family and friends, dried snot from surreptitious nose-pickers covid droplets, and dog hair, the only inert thing in that revolting bag that you have to empty, typically, 'into the wind' thus covering you in a cloud of deadly, infectious funk, much as the ashes of your grandad did.

Meanwhile, I will be first in line for a covid vaccine if they ever find one, and I may well be since I could be the oldest person in the country by the time they do.

However, I also sympathise with Queens Karen of Bunnings who will refuse vaccination because it is their right to get infected and will not be told by a government or society which illness, she (or he) is entitled too.

Fine. Although as we are all startlingly aware, catching covid is costly, so maybe we should mandate not that we get vaccinated but that you pay for your own medical care if you don't. BTW, one night in ICU is worth a month in a Marriott penthouse, Karen.

Equally it's true a microscopically small portion of vaccine recipients will experience a reaction or die (somewhat larger portion if your vaccine syringe has Cyrillic characters) so some compensation might be appropriate.

Given that your chance of dying is about as remote as winning the lottery without buying a ticket, maybe we could just buy families a lottery ticket to help them get over their loss.

Now, for those Karens already weighing up a two-week holiday on the 'Goldy' instead of vaccinating, apparently guests (quarantiners) are only entitled to one bottle of wine per day.

Yeah, how far will that go between you and your security guards?

Better make it a good one.

Quarisa NSW Johnny Q Petite Sirah, 2017: There's almost as many ways to spell petite sirah (aka durif) as there are places to put apostrophes in New Years Eve, but regardless how you spell it this is fabulous stuff and fabulous value. 9.4/10.








Quarisa Coonawarra Mrs Q Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018: Mrs Q could be or should be a James Bond character, but you would be fearful that this is poisoned, KGB style, to protect 007. No chance, this is for luring the JamesBbond girls into the web. 9.1/10.







Simon Hughes

Four Winds Vineyard South Australia Vermentino, 2020, $28: After Four Winds' grapes were wrecked by smoke, their search for replacements discovered this from the Riverland. A worthy endeavour but let's hope next year is more fruitful. 8.9/10.









Four Winds Vineyard (Canberra District) Hand Made (Riesling) Gin, 2020, $85: Riesling grapes ruined by smoke for table wine are cleverly distilled into unusual but gorgeous surprisingly citrusy gin. No need for tonic, but if you must. 9.5/10.







Di Giorgio Family Coonawarra Chardonnay 2019, $29: Few wines in the Crus household make it to the recycle bin empty, but this one did… over three nights. A worthy measuring stick for any wine. 9.2/10.







Di Giorgio Family Coonawarra Emporio (Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc) 2018, $29: There were things called emporios when I was a child which evolved into department stores before going broke. Should have kept the name. Noice emporio of grapes. 9.4/10.