Scene outside Allenstown Hotel
Scene outside Allenstown Hotel

‘Cowardly and vicious’ attack on good samaritan in robbery

AN ARMED robber has lodged a complaint after allegedly catching a flesh-eating bacteria while in a Queensland watch-house.

The armed robber - Amy Marie Quinn - was sentenced in Rockhampton District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to three charges linked to the armed robbery of the Allenstown Hotel in July 2019.

Her defence barrister, Maree Willey, informed the court her client spent the first seven months in presentence custody in the prison medical unit after contracting necrotising fasciitis - otherwise known as flesh-eating bacteria which is a very serious bacterial infection of the soft tissue which destroys soft tissue and fascia.

Ms Willey said records show her client was admitted to hospital on 11 and 14 of "unknown month" which would line up with the time she was taken into custody on July 8.

She said Quinn had lost one third of her leg from the bacteria.

Ms Willey said Quinn had been in a wheelchair until last week and has two more surgeries to take place before rehabilitation of six to 12 months which will result in her walking again.

Quinn, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of armed robbery in company with violence, one of stealing and one of fare evasion.

Her de facto and co-accused Mikael Jai Kampf, 35, pleaded guilty to one count of armed robbery in company with violence and one of causing grievous bodily harm.

Crown prosecutor Samantha O'Rourke said Quinn was with two co-accused on the day of the armed robbery.

The third co-accused - Isaac Joseph Stenz - will be sentenced by the end of the month.

The court heard Quinn and Kampf entered Dan Murphy's at Allenstown about 4.20pm on July 8, followed Stenz.

Quinn and Kampf went to the spirits section where Kampf concealed a litre bottle of whiskey in his pants, while Stenz stole alcohol from another section.

Stenz then left the shop, concealed the bottom part of his face and went into the gaming section of the Allenstown Hotel where he pulled a gun

on a staff member and demanded the money from the cash register.

Kampf and Quinn walked into the gaming room as the staff member was handing over the cash - just under $620.

Stenz then went to the public bar, pointed the gun at the bar staff which caught the attention of a 67-year-old patron who recognised the gun was a replica and attempted to thwart the robbery.

Kampf, who was also sentenced today, used the stolen whisky bottle to assault the patron, hitting him on the head three times with it including the final whack being while the patron was on his knees.

The patron spent two weeks in a Brisbane hospital and had burr holes drilled into his skull to relieve pressure on his brain.

The trio fled and were located by police later that day thanks to a taxi driver who didn't get paid his fare.

Quinn, a mother of four (her children live with their father), was three months into a suspended sentence for drugs and property offences at the time of the armed robbery.

Kampf had been released on parole about two weeks prior and refused to comply with parole by refusing to give parole authorities his contact details and was verbally abusive towards them.

Judge Michael Burnett ordered Quinn to 3½ years' prison, declared 351 days presentence custody and immediate parole eligibility.

He described Kampf's attack on the patron as a "cowardly and vicious" attack, coming from behind the victim.

"You didn't need to use a weaponised act to achieve the outcome you sought," Judge Burnett said.

He said the victim was a good samaritan using minimal force to apprehend an armed robber.

Kampf had a 19-page criminal record dating from 2004 with convictions for going armed while causing fear at Maroochydore where he waved the barrel of a weapon at a motorist as he overtook them, and another time, swung a shortened firearm at a motel manager.

Judge Burnett ordered him to seven years' prison, made a serious violent offender declaration, which means he won't be eligible for parole until after serving at least 80 per cent (about 5.6 years).

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