FORMER North Queensland Cowboys hooker Aaron Payne treated Rockhampton school students to a visit this week, as he ran coaching clinics around the region.

In conjunction with the NQ Cowboys Try Time program, Payne visited the Rockhampton Grammar School and three other regional schools on Wednesday. He was here to deliver positive health, lifestyle and educational messages to students as well as running a rugby league skills clinic.

Payne, who also trains race horses, said the visit was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

"I'm down here with two race horses starting in the Rocky Newmarket and I wanted to get a bit of work done while I was here as well," Payne said.

"The Cowboys don't get to Rockhampton enough so it was a good opportunity to get along to some schools and do some development work with the kids and to also run a clinic at Browne Park."

Payne said the main aims of the coaching clinics were to get students out playing rugby league and to endorse the Try Time anti-bullying message.

"Try Time is one of the programs we run which encourages kids to eat healthy and exercise and to also talk to them about anti-bullying," he said.

"We normally talk to them about Try Time first and then get out on the paddock and do some coaching with them. " Payne said the response from the students at all four schools in the region had been fantastic. "All the kids at the schools so far have had really great attitudes and are wanting to learn and wanting to participate and have fun," the hooker said.

"They're well behaved, well mannered and it's been fantastic."