Destruction of a Woorabinda Freeman St job site over the weekend.
Destruction of a Woorabinda Freeman St job site over the weekend. Facebook

CQ job site destroyed by vandals overnight

FRUSTRATION has been shared on a Woorabinda Facebook page about a building job site that was vandalised overnight Saturday.

Kenny Bex shared the following post with pictures of bessa blocks and building supplies torn to pieces.

"This is just getting frustrating, lock up our job site (on) Freeman St and come back to this. Can't parents do something about their children? Surely you can tell me who's done this? Can't anyone say anything to these children while they're causing damage on a building site or you as an adult, just turn a blind eye. Thousands of dollars worth of damage and lost time in labour. Just disappointed that this job site is surrounded by people living in houses and no one don't say s--t,” the post said.

It is understood the job site was for a house.

Many local residents took to the post sharing their concerns that parents weren't looking after their children.

Samana Sukaserm: "We call out and chase them all the time, even police go there but they just keep going back. At night as well.”

Monica Malone: "That's terrible! Gonna have to have a security person there 24/7 which you shouldn't when this is for them & their community!”

Leah Kawane Kris: "These are not big kids its like grade 1 or 2 & younger so the parents have to be accountable for their children”