CQ mum drives kids to school with no licence

An Emerald mum decided to drive her children to school, despite not holding a driver’s licence, because they were running late.

Tameka Clare Mary Young pleaded guilty at Emerald Magistrates Court on January 11 to driving without a licence.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said police intercepted the mum at 8am on December 7, 2020, for a roadside breath test.

While the RBT was negative, licence checks revealed Young was not the holder of a driver’s licence.

Sgt Ongheen said Young told police she had a Western Australian learner’s licence, although further checks showed no current licence in her name.

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Police attended her home on December 10 where she admitted she had possessed a Western Australian learner licence several years ago but it had probably expired.

She told the court she normally walked her children to school but on the day of the incident they were late and she was in a hurry.

Young was fined $400.