Cars have been targeted across Yeppoon and Rockhampton by thieves.
Cars have been targeted across Yeppoon and Rockhampton by thieves. contributed

CQ police seeking lead after 10 cars broken into, stolen

UPDATE 1.35PM: Yeppoon police are seeking the occupants of a car that was driving on Scenic Hwy towards Yeppoon at 2.10am in relation to a stolen vehicle.

Police said the vehicle was ahead of them while they were following a stolen Prado and may be able to assist police in tracking down those responsible.

After Lamermoor resident Erin Crute became aware of someone breaking into her Prado she called police.

Police who were patrolling in the area at the time said they saw the Prado drive past them and they put on their lights and sirens attempted to do a U-turn to follow.

However, there was another vehicle in between the police car and the stolen Prado and police were unable to stop the stolen vehicle.

When police caught up to the Prado, the drivers had rolled it and the vehicle landed on its wheels. The occupants fled the scene.

There are some suggestions witnesses may have seen people running from the car.

In relation to a number of other break-ins around the region, there are currently no leads.

Police are looking at CCTV footage to identify potential suspects and have some tentative leads.

Police are urging people to be more cautious in where they keep their keys in their home and to always ensure their vehicles are locked and their keys are hidden away.

Anyone with information about any of the break-ins or thefts in Rockhampton and Yeppoon are encouraged to contact their local police station.

INITIAL STORY: A GRAND theft auto crime wave rocked Rockhampton and Yeppoon last night, with at least five cars stolen and five others broken into.

Residents have been left reeling on Facebook from the car crime spree which possibly occurred late last night or in the early hours of this morning.

Erin Crute from Waterview Drv, Lamermoor said her car was stolen from her driveway at 2am.

"There were three of them and our neighbour heard them trying to break into his car just earlier,” Ms Crute posted on a community Facebook page.

"They rode our car off trying to evade police near Capricorn Tavern but managed to get away.

"Apparently there was another car nearby also stolen last night.”

Fellow Waterview Drv resident, Melynda Grant said she was woken by police knocking on her door at 4.30am to alert her of the break-in.

"Ours was entered but as far as we know, nothing stolen,” she said.

Another Lamermoor resident, Danielle Hicks said her car appeared to be broken into overnight.

"I had nothing of value in there and from what I can tell nothing missing,” she commented.

Another resident on nearby Old Scenic Hwy, Shone Troy said she caught two would-be thieves in the act last night.

"We had two guys caught in the act trying to get in our car parked in our driveway... they took off (and) they were wearing hoods and possibly early 20s,” she said.

In Thozet Rd, Rockhampton, Mikaela Reynolds woke this morning to find two cars and two wallets had been stolen from her home in the early hours of this morning.

Julie Seabrook also commented on the Rockhampton Facebook page that her mother's house had been targeted overnight.

"My mother's house in Frenchville was broken into last night,” she said.

"(They) took purse, keys and her car. Didn't even wake her dog asleep in the house with her.”

Marissa Boon said she noticed police on the roads before midnight, chasing car thieves.

"They came to mine at 2am after I reported my bike stolen and they had the dogs out looking for the car thieves,” she commented.