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CQ properties to be sold off by council due to unpaid rates

The Banana Shire Council will auction off over 16 properties that have overdue rates.

According to the Local Government Regulation 2012, Queensland local governments can sell land with overdue rates and charges if they’ve been unpaid for at least three years and is not subject of court proceedings.

Vacant and commercial land can be sold off after only one year and mining claims after three months.

Unless all overdue rates and expenses of sale are paid for these pieces of land, the council will auction them off.

These properties will be auctioned off at the Banana Shire Council chambers in Biloela at 10am on May 13:


Lot 14 on B498 (2.023ha)


Lot 108 on MPH14357 (0.1012ha)

Lot 204 and Lot 205 on MPH14357 (0.1012ha each)

Lot 59 on MPH14360 (0.1348ha)


Lot 31 on MPH14019 (0.1012ha)

Lot 1 on MPH108 (6.2499ha)


Lot 2 on RP605166 (0.1311ha)


Lot 31 on M86325 (0.0814ha)

Lot 69 and Lot 6 on M86316 (0.0784ha each)

Lot 4 on M86313 (0.0809ha)

Lot 9 on M86311 (0.0809ha)

Lot 2 on M86323 (0.0766ha)


Lot 21 (0.2044ha) and Lot 22 (0.2023ha) on T5020

Lot 2 on RP76775 (0.1012ha)

Lot 1 and Lot 2 on T5046 (0.2266ha each)

Lot 710 on T502 (0.2023ha)

Lot 9 on T5038 (0.2023ha)