The mural underway.
The mural underway.

CQ pub commissions locally-themed mural

A popular pub in Clermont now sports an eye-catching outdoor mural thanks to a "local born and bred" artist.

Designer and illustrator Dave Faint, 28, returned from Sydney to be with his family and work remotely earlier in the coronavirus outbreak.

He was then commissioned by the Clermont Commercial Hotel to create a piece of art overlooking the pub's beer garden.

Mr Faint said he wanted to capture the spirit of the town while still seeming modern.

"The main focus was an old rum bottle, with one of the older labels on it," he said.

"My mum's a florist in Clermont and she created a bouquet with gum leaves and barks from the lagoon.

"I created an artwork and painted it up on the wall, which took around seven days to complete."

"You can see it from the street and I'm sure people passing by will see it, but you have to be in the garden itself to really take it in."

The mural was completed on June 19.

Artist Dave Faint and his mural at the Clermont Commercial Hotel.
Artist Dave Faint and his mural at the Clermont Commercial Hotel.

Hotelier Marie Vine said that she and her husband Roger had considered "freshening up" the Clermont Commercial for a few years, and that coronavirus restrictions gave them the time and space to do so.

"Clermont is a very historical town, so I wanted to do something that was a bit city," Mrs Vine said.

"The main thing for us was we wanted it to be something that stood out that wasn't your stereotypical country horse - something that whenever Dave came back he could look at and say 'I did that.'

"Dave's a local born and bred. My husband and I think he did a terrific job.

"A lot of people have said how wonderful it looks."

She hoped the mural would "put a bit of pizzazz" into the beer garden of the hotel, which she bought 12 years ago.

"We bought it as a run-down facility and have poured a lot of love, sweat, and money into it," Mrs Vine said.

"It's a fabulous venue."

The Vines are planning an official beer garden opening. The hotel is now open in accordance with coronavirus-related guidelines.