BACHELOR NO.1: Nathan Tinney, 25, said in the past he's been horrible at picking women.
BACHELOR NO.1: Nathan Tinney, 25, said in the past he's been horrible at picking women. Contributed

BACH HUNT: Adventurous Nate looking for woman keen to travel

GIRLS, meet our Bachie No.1, 25-year-old Nate Tinney who says he's "undeniably horrible" at picking women.

"It's just something I'm not very good at," he said.

"I seem to pick the crazies, I don't have much luck."

Nate was in the Victoria Tavern having a few beers with friends when, with a bit of encouragement he decided 'nothing ventured nothing gained' and threw his hat into the ring to find a keeper.

He's been single for about two years after a young marriage didn't work out.

But he does have his own house and is about to finish an apprenticeship in diesel mechanics after working in sales for a mining company for a while.

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Nate's not exactly sure who he is looking for but his ideal girl would love adventure and be down to earth with a great sense of humour and a passion for travelling.

That's an absolute must. If travel is not your thing, Nate is not your man.

"I like excitement, but I seem to be attracted to unpredictability in women," he told The Morning Bulletin.

"I love adventure, but a lot of girls who like to get out of their comfort zone can be a bit crazy."

Nate's never had a 'typical go to' to meet girls, sometimes he meets people out, sometimes on Facebook or through friends, but he's not a fan of dating sites.

"That's not really my scene," he said.

"People on there don't seem to be looking for a relationship, more for other things, if you know what I mean.

"Being divorced young, it makes it harder to find someone who is willing to put themselves out and accept someone who's had a bit of a rough time.

"My kind of girl has a nice smile, she's a little bit more mature, has her head screwed on and understands I can't always be there when I'm working.

"Someone who wants to work as a team."

Nate says he's extremely in love with the beach and his partner would need to be the same.

In his spare time you can find him at the beach with his dogs or kite boarding.

He's just returned from a kite boarding adventure in Hawaii and is looking for someone who isn't afraid of exploring the water with him.

"Someone who can have fun but still has her head screwed on," he said.

"I'm pretty fun, out there and don't mind letting my hair down and walking to the beat of my own drum."

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