Residents of Central Queensland have sent in their declarations of love this Valentine’s Day.
Residents of Central Queensland have sent in their declarations of love this Valentine’s Day.

CQ’s most romantic residents revealed

AS CUPID points his arrow in direction of Central Queensland this Valentine's Day, it seems residents of the area are feeling the love.

With the most romantic day of the year now in full swing, we rounded up some of the sweetest messages from our readers to you.

Marie Maroney: Happy Valentines to the best-looking cowboy in town. 17 crazy years together this year. Luv ya Juerge.

Jodie Ellis: To my gorgeous man Pepe, Happy Valentine's Day! I love you so very much! Always and forever Jodie.

Michael Luhr: To my darling princess Emilie Chapman, hope you have a great Valentine's Day and hope you get spoiled. Love from your teddy bear, Michael.

Nikita Horvat: A huge Happy Valentine's Day to the luckiest couple, Julie and Christopher. Love, Dan and Matt.

Mayne Rosin: Happy 18th Valentine's and Anniversary Lorry. Love you long time babes! Looking forward to another 18 years with you. Love your Mayne squeeze.

Melanie Emery: Happy Valentine's Day husband! I love you more than I'm annoyed by you, which is a lot. If we're lucky, we might get some time alone this weekend. Love Mrs Emery.

Greg McCormack: To my one and only Tracey Powell, Happy Valentine's Day my love.

Tanya Bourne: To my dear hourny bourny, Happy Valentine's day. Love you.

Mady Parsons: To my husband, partner and father o our beautiful girls, Happy Valentine's Day babe, hope you enjoy your day. Love from Piper, Skye and Mady.

Renee Lauga: Thank you for being my McSteamy, Happy Valentine's Day baby. Love your bub.

Nikita Horvat: To the love of my life Daniel. Happy first Valentine's Day. Love yours truly, Nikita.

Kwinn Ryan: My valentine this year is my mum. Happy Valentine's Day, Mum, love you forever and always. Love your favourite daughter Kwinn (only daughter).

Carissa Robertson: Adam Szosler. My rock, my light to guide me home when I'm in complete darkness. Happy Valentine's day, I love you.

Shaz Mahoney: Tony, I may not have been your first but I'm preparing to be your last. (Yes, dinner is safe to eat).

Danielle Stevens: Rick Hornagold, you always know how to make me smile, I love you xoxo

Kirsty Marie Smith: Dean Smith, don't forgot my donuts.

Annette-Marie McMillan: Robert Haack thank you for simply being you. Happy Valentines Day.

Selina Mckenzie: Jamie Bennett Happy 14th Valentine's day babe, love you with all my heart!

Andrea Nott: Adam Nott Happy Valentine's Day. Love you to the moon and back xo.

Jacob West: Our first Valentines Day as Mr and Mrs West. I love you my beautiful wife and look forward to spending the rest of my life making you happy Kyomi Maree West.

Beth Alexis Geary: To my amazing partner, my soulmate an bestfriend, you are what brighten my days every day even when it's already sunny. I love you Peter McDonald. Happy Valentine's Day.

Amanda Charles: To my sunshine Andrew Charles, you're the best love you long time. Love Amanda.

Jackie Latchman: Happy Valentine's Day Terry Latchman!! I feel like I should buy a lotto ticket this week ... surely I (I mean we) deserve a large sum of money for putting up with each other for so long

Vanessa Newport: Scott Matheson. High fivesies 🙌 cause I don't do corny.

Amber Voss: Corey Johanson, Happy Valentines Day ❤️ because I know you hate it lol.

Love you xox

Scott Matheson: Vanessa Newport love you babe, and thank you for everything you do. Happy Valentine's Day xo.