Georgie Somerset
Georgie Somerset

CQU, AgForce looking for new research partners for Belmont

Central Queensland University and AgForce are looking for new partners to be a part of their Belmont Research Station activities.

Having established their partnership in 2014, the two organisations are heralding in what they call a ‘new era’ with the station, with an expanded research and information system that is easily accessible to producers.

Speaking at Beef Australia in Rockhampton, CQU Vice-Chancellor Nick Klomp said Belmont had been the primary beef research station in Northern Australia for 60 years but with the industry being different than it was back then, now was the time to develop a plan to revitalise the infrastructure at the station.

“They’re different conversations than the conversations we had a few years ago,” Prof Klomp said.

“We’re suddenly talking about the use of drones, about robotic swarms, about telecommunications, about all sorts of precision funding.

“We’ve got to make sure that CQU produces graduates at that cutting edge but we’ve also got to make sure that new knowledge is really accessible to our producers.”

Nick Klomp
Nick Klomp

He said the research needs to be easily accessible to producers and can’t be ‘locked away in a lab’.

AgForce general president Georgie Somerset said Belmont was a critical part of research infrastructure.

She said they werelooking for scientists and researchers to get on board.

“What we’re wanting to do is to bring in more partners to actually develop and grow that system,” she said.

“I think there’s some real excitement about how we integrate agtech into our businesses, but also how we take forward the inherent wisdom and knowledge of our producers.”

Anyone interested in getting involved can contact AgForce or CQU.