CQUniversity using technical wizardry in theatre show

TECHNICAL wizardry is being summoned to enable theatre students located hundreds of kilometres apart to create an inspiring online theatre experience.

"We are aiming for a seamless theatre experience with overlapping stories and multiple camera feeds, where worlds sometimes collide, but frankly we are building the plane while flying it so it's going to be a great achievement," CQUniversity's Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music theatre lecturer Dr Linda Lorenza said.

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Dr Lorenza said the dispersal of students back to their home towns, across Queensland, meant the CQCM's proposed Mystery of Edwin Drood musical production could not be staged as an assessment, as a proscenium arch stage was required.

"Instead, our theatre students have been devising their own online dramas in response to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds and the current pandemic," she said.

"Working with actor and film director Akos Armont, we will present a mini-season of these 'War in our World' dramas online, on three evenings from June 17-19 July.

"You could say that, like a pandemic in our community, so begins the War in our World."

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