Why Hannah is so crazy for adult colouring books

WHEN Hannah Rose Balgowan was growing up, she was a whiz at colouring in.

So much so she used to win colouring-in competitions on a regular basis.

So when the now 20-year-old Marlborough governess saw her sister with an adult colouring in book, she knew she had to have one.

"I started doing adult colouring-in about two months ago," Ms Balgowan said.

"My sister bought one of the books and I thought it was cool.

"As a kid I used to be really good at colouring in and won heaps of competitions so I bought adult colouring in books from the local newsagent and Angus and Robertson."

Ms Balgowan, who is now hooked by the adult colouring in craze, said she found the hobby relaxing.

"It's really relaxing. You just sit there, colour-in and wind down," she said.

"The adult colouring-in books are quite intricate; I've spent up to six hours working on one picture before.

"I go over all the outlines with Texta first and then shade in the centre."

In her role as a governess, Ms Balgowan looks after two young children and said colouring-in was a great activity to do together.

"I look after two young girls and we colour-in together. The other day I noticed one of the girls was colouring-in really well; she was very neat and between the lines.

"I asked her how she got so good and she said she watches me colour-in. It was so sweet it almost brought me to tears.

"I have nine nieces and nephews and they just love colouring-in as well.

"I've finished eight pictures so far and I'd love to frame them and give them as gifts."