Jayden Regan with his jaw strapped up in Rosebud Hospital on Saturday afternoon.
Jayden Regan with his jaw strapped up in Rosebud Hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Sledging cricketer dislocates jaw

JUST about every person who has ever taken part in a sporting competition has delivered or had trash talk directed their way.

It's just the nature of sport to try and get under the skin of your opponent and throw them off their own game for your advantage.

But knowing what to say and when to deliver it is all a part of the fine art that is trash talk, and one local cricketer has shown he hasn't yet mastered the art.

Hastings seconds skipper Jayden Regan was pumped up after his side removed Dromana's batsmen Jeff Bluhm after he'd made his way to 99.

The pair had been going back and forth throughout the entirety of Bluhm's innings, according to the Herald Sun, and when the batsman was eventually dismissed Regan decided to cash in.

Regan took his verbal tirade to the next level, but it backfired dramatically when his jaw popped out of place.

It left the skipper in serious pain and forced him to head to the hospital to have his jaw put back into place.

"We got a bit excited and started to carry on as you do and then I thought, nah I'll give it a bit more and then the jaw just fell out of place," Regan said.

The pain grew to such drastic levels that Regan was "screaming" as he entered the hospital's emergency department.

Doctors went to work and got his jaw back in place, bandaged him up and Regan returned to the ground to celebrate the victory and laugh out the incident with Bluhm.

"We had a bit of a laugh about it and wished each other good luck for the rest of the year," he said.

Of course Dromana Cricket Club decided to have some fun with the image of Regan in the hospital by uploading the picture with the heading "A rooster's revenge".

"It's hard to imagine anyone else getting out for 99 … then finding a way to dislocate the opposition captain's jaw … without touching him! But that's our Jeff Rooster Bluhm for ya! Oh … and get well soon, Jayden!," the post read.