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Crim resentenced after failing to complete community service

CARA Lee Alberts, 23, received a mandatory community service order last year for such poor behaviour at a nightclub - and then failed to do the hours - a magistrate in court this week did not want to detail her actions.

Alberts was resentenced in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday after breaching the community service order by doing only 51/2 hours of 80 hours in 12 months.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said Alberts had been sentenced last year for her behaviour at the Zodiac Nightclub.

"I'd prefer not to repeat the details given the nature of the behaviour,” he said.

The Morning Bulletin reported on June 29 last year that Alberts was a beauty student at the time she was charged with one count of public nuisance and one of obstructing police.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert told the court in 2018 that police were talking with a witness about another matter outside the nightclub at 12.15am on May 5 when Alberts and the witness spotted each other.

Alberts assumed a fighting stance and both women ended up fighting on the ground.

Mr Studdert said a police officer grabbed Alberts by the arm to help her to stand up and once up she swung her bodyweight around to face the other woman.

Mr Clarke reordered Alberts to complete 80 hours of community service in 12 months.