BACK TO BEST WEIGHT: Bernard Tomic has lost about 5kg in a week.
BACK TO BEST WEIGHT: Bernard Tomic has lost about 5kg in a week. DAN HIMBRECHTS

Criticism did Tomic a fat lot of good

TENNIS: Bernard Tomic was criticised for looking a little heavier than usual at the Brisbane International and the world No.27 said he was "fat” during the tournament.

After his 3-4 4-2 4-3 3-4 (5-3) win over Austrian up-and-comer Dominic Thiem in the FAST4 Showdown in Sydney, Tomic said he had let himself go during time on the sidelines with injury, but was able to lose about 5kg in just eight days.

"You can say last week I was fat,” Tomic said.

"I was 99kg. I mean I am tall, I am big, but 99kg is too much. I felt like I was going boxing.”

Tomic took notice of the weight gain only when he heard about former Davis Cup captain John Fitzgerald's suggestion that the Aussie was "carrying a bit” in Brisbane.

"I mean, that you guys [media] mentioned it, I really focused on it. I was about 99kg as opposed to 94kg, I didn't even know that,” Tomic said.

"So as I started doing a bit of fitness again, I gained a bit more strength and I was a little bit slower around the court.

"And one week I trained really well, I did the right things, I did the diet and I'm feeling pretty good. [Lost] 4.5kg in a week.

"After Shanghai I had that four weeks off and had the abdominal problem, so had to take few weeks off, and was just resting and eating and I gained 4.5-5kg.

"Was 99kg and now I'm about 94kg, so that was in the space of eight days.”

Tomic said he struggled at times with the pace of FAST4 tennis.

The 24-year-old finalises his Australian Open preparation with the Kooyong Classic exhibition, before facing what's expected to be a tough draw in the grand slam next week.

Tomic has had his on-court attitude questioned in the past but is promising to remain focused on the job at hand at Melbourne Park.

"We're just crazy, a bit crazy, so it's tough to control that, honestly speaking,” Tomic said.

"Sometimes we do lose it, but we have to remain mentally strong and focus on the main thing which is playing tennis and doing well.”