Dad blows four times legal limit after bar fight

A BLACKWATER father of five was caught drink driving more than four times the legal limit after punching a security guard and an argument with his wife.

Darren Robert Fewquandie, 31, pleaded guilty Blackwater Magistrates Court on July 9 for charges public nuisance, common assault, wilful damage and drink driving.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said the defendant became aggressive after being asked to leave the Blackwater Hotel about 12.30am on January 12.

Fewquandie refused to leave the premises and when the security guard tried to remove him he became verbally aggressive and punched the security guard in the side of the face, the court heard.

Sgt Ongheen said security guard’s radio earpiece was also destroyed from the punch.

Fewquandie’s wife arrived and ushered him away from the venue and towards her vehicle but he turned around and went back the front door of the pub, blocking the entrance and yelling aggressively, the court heard.

About 1am the same day police were patrolling Arthur St, Blackwater when they saw a green Ford Falcon on the side of the road with its tail-lights on and fresh tyre marks leading to the vehicle.

Police smelled an “overwhelming” scent of alcohol when they approached Fewquandie, who returned a high blood alcohol content reading of .236.

He told police he went for a drive after having an argument with his wife, the court heard.

Defence lawyer Zoe Craven said her client, a truck driver at a local mine, acknowledged that he and alcohol didn’t mix well and he hadn’t returned to the pub since the incident.

Fewquandie was fined $400 for public nuisance, fined $400 and ordered to pay $100 compensation for wilful damage, ordered 70 hours community service for common assault and to pay $600 compensation to the victim. No convictions were recorded.

For the drink driving charge he was fined $1800 and disqualified from driving for 10 months. A traffic conviction was recorded.

He was also banned from the Blackwater Hotel for three months.