Tired Boy Studying In Bedroom
Tired Boy Studying In Bedroom

Dad in court after boy misses 95 days of school

A SINGLE dad who failed to send his seven-year-old son to school for almost six months has faced court with the boy at his side after keeping him out of class again.

The 57-year-old pleaded guilty in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday to failing his obligation as a parent to ensure school attendance.

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The court heard the boy was absent from his inner-city Brisbane primary school for 95 days between June and December.

Outside court, the man said his son was too scared to go to school.

"I was trying my guts out to get him in," he told AAP.

"I was meeting a lot of resistance. I got a black eye once trying to get his socks and shoes on.

"When I finally got him in there ... he wouldn't go in through the front gate and it took a week or two before I could get him up to the classroom."

The man was placed on a good behaviour bond and said his son was now attending school.

Asked why the boy was at court and not school, the man said his son wanted to attend the hearing.

"He's been going every day but I allowed him to come with me and I'm taking him straight to school now," he said.