Cannabis generic.
Cannabis generic.

Dad moves to Rocky for fresh start after drug bust

A YOUNG father recently moved to Rockhampton for a fresh start yet Damian Allan Seabrook, 26, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court Monday to possessing cannabis, as well as two bongs, digital scales, grinder and bowl used to prepare the drug.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Peter Rumford said police executed a search warrant at a home in Roma at 8pm on August 24.

Police found a bowl with 2g of cannabis, a grinder and bong made of plastic in the bathroom cupboard.

Police also found a glass bowl with 0.4g of cannabis, and a set of digital scales in the kitchen cupboard, as well as an old used bong made of plastic in the cabinet near the TV.

Lawyer Joanne Madden said Seabrook had moved from Roma to Rockhampton to improve work prospects and be closer to his son.

She said he arranged to see a psychologist to receive counselling for his anger and drug use.

Seabrook was ordered to ten months’ probation with no criminal conviction recorded.