Troy David Peake has been jailed for strangling his partner.
Troy David Peake has been jailed for strangling his partner.

Dad strangles partner for not buying goon

A woman had to bite her way free as her partner strangled her for not bringing home cask wine.

Troy David Peake, 41, was on Thursday jailed for domestic violence offences on May 24 last year.

Maroochydore District Court heard his partner, then 32, had returned from the shops with groceries when Peake grew mad that she hadn't bought him wine.

Crown prosecutor Christoper Cook said an argument ensued at the Nambour Caravan Park with Peake telling the woman to "get the f--- out".

Peake then pulled the woman away from the fridge to stop her from taking her groceries.

"He told her that she was not taking any food and shoved her against the door," Mr Cook said.

"He then placed his wrists around her throat."

The court heard the woman felt like Peake applied pressure to her throat for several minutes.

She didn't lose consciousness.

"She managed to bite his wrist and he released his grip on her at that stage," Mr Cook said.

The woman tried to call police but Peake shoved her out of his caravan and threw her charger and handbag at her.

"You're going to sit down and talk to me," Peake then told her.

The woman replied that there was no point while they were still angry and Peake grabbed her by the neck again.

He told her she wasn't going anywhere until they talked.

"If you kill me that's something you're going to have to deal with," the woman told Peake before biting him again on his shoulder.

The pressure around her neck had caused her to gag.

When police arrived, Peak told them to "f--- off" and struggled with them as they walked him to a police car.

He breached his bail on four occasions when he returned positive breath tests for alcohol.

Peake on Wednesday pleaded guilty to 12 charges including the domestic violence offence of strangulation.

He had spent 237 days in pre-sentence custody.

Mr Cook said Peake had a long and sporadic criminal history.

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Defence barrister Nathan Turner said his client had a rough childhood and suffered a significant trauma when he was 18 years old.

"Mr Peake has repeatedly said in conference that he does not want (the victim) to go to court," Mr Turner said.

"While choking can have very serious consequences … at least on this occasion it did not result in any physical injuries of note either temporary or lasting."

Mr Turner said his client, a dad-of-one, had insight into his offending.

"He accepts he is an alcoholic and needs to address that by way of rehabilitation," he said.

The court heard Peake had been working in the prison laundry.

Judge Jennifer Rosengren said the community viewed domestic violence offences as abhorrent.

"Domestic violence is a serious insidious and prevalent problem in our community" she said.

Peake was sentenced to two years in jail.

He will be released on parole on December 4.