Daisy Richardson burns her buff after losing her Exile Beach challenge against Simon Black on Australian Survivor.
Daisy Richardson burns her buff after losing her Exile Beach challenge against Simon Black on Australian Survivor. Channel 10

Daisy on her bittersweet Survivor exit

DAISY Richardson may not have won the Australian Survivor crown, but she's happy to have been the last female contender standing on the reality show.

The 24-year-old, who grew up on the Leopardwood Park cattle station near Adavale, became the fourth member of Survivor's jury after her elimination tonight.

Ms Richardson made her exit after narrowly losing to Brownlow Medallist Simon Black in a nail-biting challenge.

"Facing off with Simon was bittersweet because he was the person I was closest with and I wanted to get back into the game and work with him," she told the Chronicle.

She admits to being exhausted going into the challenge after two days of roughing it alone on Exile Beach.

"You arrive in the dark so there's no time to build a shelter or make a fire. I just slept under a tree on my bag for the first night," she said.

Australian Survivor contestant Daisy Richardson. Supplied by Channel 10.
Daisy says she's already put the 4.2kg she lost during her time on Survivor back on.

"The first day I got fire and things were good. I'd cooked food and went to bed. Then that night, what would have been about midnight, it just stormed - thunder, lightning, gale winds. I was out here on my own. I laughed for about an hour, then I realised it wasn't going to let up so I just cried and cried. My shelter didn't hold up and I was soaking wet. I was exhausted after that terrible night."

She described her 41 days on Survivor as "the best and worst thing I've done".

"It has changed me as a person. I was pretty confident going in but coming out I'm more confident. I'll take anything on," she said.

"It has turned me into a bit of a thrill-seeker. You come back to everyday life and everything seems mundane."

Ms Richardson now sits on Survivor's jury of eliminated castaways, which will determine who wins the show's grand prize.

"It was nice to be reunited with Shaun and John and Dave. It was like walking into a boy band," she said.

"The jury, at this point, is cheering for Luke. He has played a great game socially, strategically and physically. Anyone sitting at the end with Luke won't have a chance."

Australian Survivor continues on Sunday at 7.30pm on Ten/WIN.