Origin star’s partner targeted in online attack

The partner of a Queensland Maroons player has been targeted in a sickening online attack and now she's warning other women to be wary of the same thing happening to them.

Taylor Brunton recently discovered a fake Instagram profile using her full name and photos had been created.

Miss Brunton, who is the partner of Cowboys and Maroons backrower Coen Hess, said it was created with a malicious purpose.

Coen Hess and Taylor Brunton.
Coen Hess and Taylor Brunton.

"I was just doing my own thing and I got a message through Instagram from a guy saying I think you should know this profile has been made about you," Miss Brunton said.

"I went straight on there, and at the time it was following about 50 boys. It was only following boys and then the number just kept going up and up.

"In the bio it said it was my backup account, which makes it seem real. It also had a link to what it said was photo and videos on an OnlyFans account they had made. So they were basically catfishing people.

"It's damaging to my reputation. I pride myself on creating an uplifting space for people that follow me."

Taylor Brunton has been the victim of identity theft online.
Taylor Brunton has been the victim of identity theft online.

Miss Brunton reported the account through the Instagram safety centre and said it was taken down within ten minutes after she had done so.

She said it wasn't the first time she had been targeted online and it made her reconsider what she posts to social media.

"It's happened to me before when I was younger so I wasn't as alarmed as the first time. I was in high school (the first time) and it was ten times more stressful with the bullying and things that go on in school.

"A person used bikini pics of me and made up rumours saying I was a lesbian.

"It's still active to this day. I took it to the police at the time and they said they couldn't do anything about it.

"I have a public account and it makes me question whether I should change it to private and what type of stuff I post.

"I'm all about promoting a healthy lifestyle so have photos of me in a bikini and sports bras, it makes me reconsider uploading photos like that. It sucks you have to be extra cautious."

Taylor Brunton has been the victim of identity theft online.
Taylor Brunton has been the victim of identity theft online.

Miss Brunton said after her incident four of her friends were also targeted with fake profiles linked to fake OnlyFans accounts.

Now she is warning other girls to be careful online.

"It's damaging for girls, especially if they are still in high school because they're minors. It's dangerous.

"Some parents won't even know their children are going through it. My advice to girls is don't be afraid to talk to someone and seek help."

Originally published as 'Damaging': Origin star's partner targeted in online attack