American motorcyclist Seth Enslow.
American motorcyclist Seth Enslow. Contributed

THE daredevil who jumped a passenger jet and set the world record for the longest Harley-Davidson jump will relive his greatest moments at the Glades Tavern tomorrow.

Freestyle moto-cross legend Seth Enslow, of Crusty Demons fame, will share thrilling stories with audiences across Australia on his It's All Timing spoken word tour.

The tour is a must-see for moto-cross fans, promoters said.

Attendees will find out what motivated Enslow to push the limits of moto-cross.

Enslow's tales will be backed by shocking footage from his films.

From the age of 16, Enslow pursued fame as a moto-cross icon, and began his career by starring in Fleshwound Films movies in 1994.

He became one of the first motorcycle riders to attract sponsorship outside of the racing industry.

Great achievements in his career include jumping 97.1m in 2008, and breaking the world record for the longest Harley-Davidson jump in 2010.

Enslow jumped the bike almost 56 metres at a Sydney Harbour site, beating Bubba Blackwell's previous world record.

As well as career highlights, Enslow will also touch on some of the most challenging moments of his life - including a crash that resulted in surgery to insert two titanium plates into his skull.

There will also be giveaways, tour merchandise available for purchase and guest appearances from other Crusty Demons celebrities.

Brisbane band The Royal Artillery will support the show with a gig.